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About IDMC

IDMC is the leading source of information and analysis on internal displacement

IDMC was set up in 1998 at the request of the international community to fill an important knowledge gap on the global scale and patterns of internal displacement. Since then, tens of millions of people have become internally displaced each year as a result of conflict, violence, disasters and human rights violations across the world. While the numbers are rising and the needs of millions go unaddressed, internal displacement continues to receive insufficient political attention and commitment. 

We offer an important service to the international community. By telling the story of internal displacement, we keep the issue and the plight of internally displaced people high on the global agenda.

What we do

  • We provide credible and timely data on all situations of internal displacement worldwide.
  • We interpret the global data with research into the drivers, patterns and impacts of internal displacement across different countries.
  • We translate this evidence into targeted advice and support to inform global, regional and national policy-making. 

Our key services

The Global Internal Displacement Database (GIDD)

IDMC's open online database captures data from sources and partners and gives free access to internal displacement related information. The GIDD covers all countries and territories for which we have obtained data on internal displacement. To date, IDMC has reported on situations of displacement in 169 countries and territories around the world. This include 69 conflicts and several thousands incidents of disaster-induced displacement.

The Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID)

Our annual flagship report aims to take stock of all situations of displacement and indicate which require most attention and resources across humanitarian and development sectors. By revealing what is known about internal displacement, how it is calculated, and what remains unknown, the GRID is also a way to flag key blind spots and areas where the evidence base needs strengthening.

Situation updates

Our website is the 'one-stop shop' for all interested in internal displacement. The website gives access to the database, the latest data and analysis of displacement at a country level, our regular Internal Displacement Updates and information on our research areas providing reports, briefing papers and other publications. 

Research and policy influencing

IDMC carries out research and analysis on the drivers, patterns and impacts of internal displacement across different contexts. By doing so, we provide evidence, expertise and tools to influence key global and regional policy processes. 

For more information on our services, please visit the dedicated section of the website.