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IDMC’s work is made possible thanks to the dedicated and generous support of the following funding partners: US Agency for International Development (USAID), Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden’s International Development Cooperation Agency, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Liechtenstein’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission, IOM, the UK’s Department for International Development, the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, UNISDR, UNHCR and Charities Aid Foundation.





Why support IDMC?


Worldwide, millions of people are internally displaced because of conflicts and violence, as well as by natural hazards. Addressing their plight is one of the major humanitarian challenges of our time.

IDMC plays an important role in improving national and international responses to internal displacement, especially by:

  • monitoring all drivers of internal displacement worldwide including conflict, violence, natural hazards and development/urban projects;
  • increasing visibility and awareness of internal displacement and advocating for the rights of internally displaced people;
  • contributing to the development of guides and standards for the provision of assistance and protection to internally displaced people

Both the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Commission have repeatedly called on governments to support IDMC including by providing financial resources.



How to contribute to IDMC


Your contribution, no matter the size, is crucial both as a provider of funds and as agent to promote respect for the rights of IDPs. We hope that together we will continue to contribute to an improved response to the needs of millions of the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

As a non-governmental body, IDMC is entirely dependent on external funding for its operations.

IDMC welcomes contributions for its general core budget, as well as for specific activities, and seeks, when possible, multi-year commitments from its donors.

If you have any questions about our programs or on making a donation, please contact us:


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