Development environment

Data and Analysis

Sylvain Ponserre

Senior Monitoring Coordinator

Disasters and Development

Sylvain Ponserre is a coordinator in the Data and Analysis team, focusing on disasters and development projects induced displacement.

Sylvain had worked as Information Specialist for the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction for almost 13 years, where he was involved in the development of global metrics for measuring the implementation of international frameworks, assessment reports, graphics production, data visualisation and data exchange. He also supported the development of software and capabilities for national accounting for disaster damage. Prior to this, he was a trainee in both the United Nations Environment Programme GRID-Geneva and the University of Geneva. He also worked in the private sector, writing environmental studies on stones extraction.

Sylvain is a geographer, holding a Masters 2 degree “Interface Nature-Society” from the University Lyon 2. He speaks fluent English and French.