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Training at IDMC

Since 1998, IDMC has conducted training on the protection of internally displaced people (IDPs). The training offer included learning programmes on the Guiding Principles, the Kampala Convention, housing land and property, durable solutions, law and policy making on internal displacement and protection coordination. 

In line with the new strategic direction set out by the 'IDMC Strategy: 2015-2020', our organisation has recently ceased to autonomously organise and facilitate protection learning activities.

For this reason, most capacity building materials released by IDMC are now publicly available and can be used by all interested parties with due acknowledgement of their source.

While not being directly responsible for them, IDMC continues to engage in learning initiatives organised by or in partnership with different entities of the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) and of the Cluster Working Group on Early Recovery (CWGER). Should you be interested in training events on "Law and policy making on internal displacement" or on "Durable solutions for IDPs" please refer to the GPC or the CWGER directly.

Training materials

2016 | Publication

Capacity-building on law and policy-making on internal displacement

The training package on law and policy making on internal displacement was initially conceived and piloted by IDMC and later revised by the Global Protection Cluster Task Team on Law and Policy to support states and other relevant stakeholders in developing normative instruments on internal displacement.

2015 | Publication

Durable solutions for IDPs: challenges and way forward

The IDMC-NRC training workshop on durable solutions for IDPs is intended to build awareness on this theme among national and international responders, including States, humanitarian and development actors.

IDP Protection webinar

Jacopo Giorgi, IDMC Senior Strategic Advisor, Law and Policy, presented a webinar with the following objectives: identify the main characteristics of the international definition of "Internally Displaced Persons" (IDP); define the rationale for creating the IDP category; provide an overview of the general bodies of international law relevant to internal displacement and present the internal principles on internal displacement and other IDP specific international frameworks.

Training Reports

2015 | Publication

The national responsibility to protect internally displaced people: The Kampala Convention

IDMC organised a training workshop in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council and the AU Commission to promote the ratification and the implementation of the Kampala Convention.

2015 | Publication

Adopting and implementing Somaliland’s draft policy framework on internal displacement

IDMC gathered national institutions, humanitarian agencies, CSOs and IDP representatives to discuss the steps required for the draft policy to be adopted and implemented in Somaliland .

2015 | Publication

Applying the Kampala Convention in the context of Zimbabwe

IDMC workshops aim to provide technical support to national processes. This was the case of the workshop held in Harare in November 2014 when different stakeholders were convened to discuss the findings of a study on the domestic displacement framework.

2014 | Publication

Workshop on durable solutions in Zamboanga

The workshop in Zamboanga assisted local and international partners to define a durable solution strategy providing guarantees in line with the international standards set out by the IASC Framework for Durable Solutions.

2014 | Publication

Workshop on durable solutions for displaced persons in Cote d’Ivoire

In July 2014, IDMC organised a training workshop on durable solutions in Cote d’Ivoire to support the development of a national strategy on durable solutions.

2014 | Publication

Domesticating the Kampala Convention: Law and Policy Making

IDMC in partnership with the Liberia Refugee Resettlement and Rehabilitation Commission (LRRRC) organised a three-day training workshop for national law makers, government officials and members of the Liberian civil society with the aim of supporting the domestication of the Kampala Convention in Liberia.

2014 | Publication

Workshop on durable solutions in Mali

In February 2014, IDMC/NRC supported the development of a durable solutions strategy in Mali through the organisation of a workshop on durable solutions and the formulation of recommendations.

2014 | Publication

Regional training on the Kampala Convention

To celebrate the first anniversary of the entry into force of the Kampala Convention IDMC and UNHCR organised two workshops for representatives of 13 West African countries.

2013 | Publication

Workshop on durable solutions in Côte d’Ivoire: Housing, land and property

At the initiative of the Protection Cluster Côte d'Ivoire and the Norwegian Refugee Council, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre/IDMC facilitated the a workshop on 2 to 4 October 2012 related to land issues and displacement in Côte d' Ivoire.