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Policy Monitoring and Influencing

We carry out research and analysis on the drivers, patterns and impacts of internal displacement across different contexts. By doing so, we provide evidence, expertise and tools to influence key global and regional policy processes.

Our policy and research work contributes to IDMC's mission and mandate in two key ways.

1) We monitor and actively engage in critical regional and global policy processes of relevance to internal displacement. Using the evidence and knowledge generated through IDMC’s data collection and analysis, and the department’s research, technical guidance and policy support is provided to governments, UN agencies, regional organisations, multi-lateral institutions and other key actors. This applied policy engagement in turn informs the department’s research priorities, ensuring that its research agenda remains relevant to ongoing and emerging policy agendas and processes.

2) It complements the organisation’s core data collection and monitoring function, drawing on the evidence that the data presents, providing conceptual clarity and framing of key problematics and research questions in relation to internal displacement. In-depth qualitative and quantitative research conducted in partnership with leading academic institutions, experts and international organizations ensures that IDMC further consolidates its reputation as the authoritative voice on internal displacement globally.

IDMC’s global data and analyses have informed the development and implementation of global and regional-level policy agendas related to sustainable development, humanitarian reform, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation including:

We support policy-makers in understanding how addressing internal displacement is necessary for the attainment of policy objectives under each agenda, and specifically:

  • how internally displaced people compare to the rest of the affected population and how their needs, rights and solutions are related;
  • which internal displacement situations are under-reported, poorly understood or neglected;
  • which IDPs are most severely affected and at risk of being “left behind”;
  • and what needs to be done to reduce the risk of displacement and its consequences in the future. 

For more information on our Policy Monitoring and Influencing work please see our Quarterly Updates:

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