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Internal displacement mid-year figures (January-June 2017)

Conflict, violence and disasters have caused more than 9 million new internal displacements globally in the first half of 2017.

Of the 9.1 million new internal displacements, 4.6 million were caused by conflict, a figure which is already two-thirds of last year’s total. Disaster displacement continues at an unabated pace too: already more than half the number of relevant disaster events were reported by end-June 2017 as compared to the total of 2016, but only around a fifth of new displacements were recorded, 4.5 million new displacements across 350 events.

By clicking on each country in the map above, country-specific figures can be accessed. Please note this is based on information available as of the end of June 2017 and covers 29 countries for conflict-related displacement and 76 countries for disaster-related displacement.

For summary information please read the press release and the highlights document.

Priority countries

IDMC provides data for all countries that are monitored throughout the year. In addition, a short overview of context, drivers and patterns of displacement, and of priority needs and vulnerabilities is presented for countries with particularly large numbers of new and protracted situations of internal displacement.